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What’s Behind The BlackEye...                                                  Why?                                                                             


Life is a sport that’s meant to be played.  We’re all athletes who compete daily.  Fighting against the odds, pushing past yesterday’s limit, training the mind and body to deal with the daily pressure and stress -- all are prerequisites of an athlete.  To live is to compete.  It’s that simple…


At an early age, I realized that competition had a profound impact on how I viewed myself, and my perception of others.  To win was crucial, but the act of competing was life giving.  To lose was life changing, and a sucker-punch to the ego.  I hated to lose then, and I hate to lose now!  Many will say that that way of thinking is childish and juvenile.  I on the other hand believe that a true competitor is never at home with losing, and fears the loss more then he fears his opponent.  Fear is what makes a good athlete, better in the eyes of his competition.  The fear of losing drives the mind, which pushes the body past its breaking point.  Once that barrier is broken, the competition becomes spiritual.


I’ve sported many Black Eyes in my life; not at the hands of my competition, but from the heavy blows of living and competing with life. I wish I could say that my fight record was 50-0-0; but it’s not.  I’ve battled life, and lost as many times as I’ve won. But with each loss, I’ve gotten back up, confronted the world and fought again.  We all do…Blackeye Athletics Muay Thai


Can you honestly say that you've truly lived if life hasn't given you a “BlackEye”?  A “BlackEye” is symbolic of a competitive spirit, and a commitment to live a full life. Real living borders on the edge of fighting, competing and dying for what you love…


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Bryan Keith